Ichiban Grill

Tonight we tried Ichiban Grill on Gate City Boulevard in Greensboro, North Carolina. All around we really enjoyed ourselves. They have a huge buffet with lots of choices. They have everything from sushi to pizza! They have a great mix of Asian food and American food. My husband got his fill and for those of you who know Christopher you know that, that is saying something! Christopher usually only eats at Asian restaurants for me because I love it but he told me that he actually really liked it and that he would choose to go back. My favorite was the coconut shrimp and Christopher said that his favorite thing was the LoMaine. The sushi is in a close second for me and Christopher’s second favorite is the sesame chicken. The restaurant was clean  and the service was very attentive. There are a few things that we saw that we would change the placement of the sauces on the sushi bar could be arranged better and they need more tongs on the sushi bar they also need to label each thing on the buffet better we did a lot of guessing on what we were eating. We will most definitely be back! 4⭐️’s


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